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What is Arc Times?

Arc Times is an online media company started in 2022 in the United States and Japan. While the world has become more technologically advanced, our society continues to become more confused and politically divided.

As the world becomes more complex, Arc Times devotes itself to interviewing the key figures involved in various issues, asking questions at press conferences without hesitation, and deciphering and reporting the essence of the news. For each issue, we discuss it with experts who have true expertise and seek solutions. By delivering in-depth information and analysis of the news in video, text, and audio, we are a media outlet that moves society and democracy forward.

“Arc” is in reference to the arc of a circle. It was inspired by the words of actor Harrison Ford when our founder Toshihiko Ogata interviewed him in Hollywood in early 2020.

Regarding Han Solo’s death in the 7th installment of the Star Wars Series, Ogata asked if Ford’s character will ever be resurrected again. Mr. Ford replied, “No, his arc is complete.” Han Solo, who did not believe in the Force at first, came to believe in the Force after a long period of time, and finally risked his life for the Force, and his arc of growth was complete, Mr. Ford explained to Ogata, while demonstrating by drawing a circle in the air.

Arc has a secondary meaning of the process of a hero’s development. It can also mean a chapter in a story.

The media name Arc Times reflects our desire to help each citizen in the process of growing into a hero in their own life through truthful reporting.

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